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Umbrella Initiatives Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization recognized by the IRS that seeks to build bridges between communities between North and South America in order to make a positive difference in the lives of marginalized people.  Umbrella Initiatives is committed to the positive transformation of communities through goal oriented projects based on community involvement and direction.  We believe that we must help others as a part of being community with the rest of society. This basic thought guides our work and how we interact with community groups. In the projects and work we always incorporate the community in the decision making process from the design to implementation and work as a partner in work and activities.

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Improved Way to Support Umbrella Initiatives

We have a new way for friends to support Umbrella with all of the funds going directly to Umbrella Initiatives without paying any charges or fees.  Please support today. Your support goes to improve fund the work of Umbrella and all the community driven initiatives.  We appreciate your support and know that without it we would be able to do […]

Alena’s Experience

“I loved getting to know the student’s, other volunteers and Peru. Students can easily grow and learn in the positive environment”. Alena Schwob, Volunteer 2018. Find out more about here experience in Cusco below:

Melissa’s experience as a Backpack Project volunteer

Volunteering has an impact on both the individual who volunteers and those impacted by the work.  Over the coming month we will share brief videos highlighting the experiences of some of our volunteers and how the Backpack Project had an impact in their lives.   We encourage you to watch the following video highlighting one student’s experience as a Backpack […]

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